Prayerful And Meditational Beats To Inspire Love and Healing Through Sound

close your
eyes and relax

Welcome to a special moment in your life. Please find a comfortable position or even lay down if you can. Put on the music, close your eyes and let the sounds wash over you. I do not know how to describe this, I just do what I feel led too. Some people call it «a different type of soaking music», «modern meditation with rhythm» others say it reminds them of «lounge & chill out music». All I know is that it is not just about songs, music or words, it is about enjoying a moment without time, without disturbing thoughts, filled with rest, relaxation, prayer, music, creativity and uplifting words to inspire love and healing.

Watch my semi-regular live-streams on YouTube, more music will we available soon (and later iTunes/Spotify).


Lovable Sounds is Tobias Michel making prayerful lofi trip-hop lounge chill out music to relax, soak, meditate and get uplifted.

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More info: tobiasmichel.com

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